Odessa. 2 May 2014

I lack words to explain how I feel about it.

Odessa. 2 May 2014. Mass murder of people that will never be investigated by this government. 


On 22 September 2016 the Prosecutor of Odessa region, Senior Advisor of Justice, Oleh Zhuchenko charged DEAD VIACHESLAV MARKIN with committing the crime under part 2 of the article 294 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (mass clashes). VIACHESLAV MARKIN was the deputy of Odessa Region Council and member of Party of regions fraction.

DECEASED VIACHESLAV MARKIN is suspected of organizing mass clashes, violence against people, seizure and destruction of property, the resistance to the authorities with the use of objects used as weapons, which led to the death of people. 

Deputy of Odessa Region Council and member of Party of regions fraction VIACHESLAV MARKIN died in hospital due to injuries suffered as a result of Odessa tragedy early in the morning on 3 May 2014 and was buried. 
He left two children. 

No one has ever been found guilty of his death and punished.

Since May 2014, Ukrainian government had been trying to establish the guilt of the deceased VIACHESLAV MARKIN for 36 MONTHS IGNORING THE FACT OF HIS DEATH. 

Moreover, on 22 September 2016 the representatives of prosecutor’s and police office ISSUED and FALSIFIED the SERVICE of the Notice of suspicion on the deceased VIACHESLAV MARKIN IN PERSON. 

Ukrainian prosecutors see nothing wrong about communicating with dead victim of crime 24 months after his death. 

In fact, the Notice of suspicion was recently served on the parents of the deceased VIACHESLAV MARKIN. However, according to the Notice it was served on the deceased by police officer. 

24 months have passed after Odessa mass murder. 

No one has been punished for this crime. 

I want to remind you that investigation of Odessa mass murder is carried out by EU International Advisory Panel.

Investigation of May 2014 events in Odessa FAILED TO comply with requirements of European Human Right Convention, says International Advisory Panel’s report.

The clashes in the centre of Odessa and the fire in the Trade Union Building on 2 May 2014 resulted in 48 deaths and injuries to several hundreds of persons. 

The Panel considered that the investigations WERE INEFFECTIVE for a number of reasons and concluded that, as a result of investigative deficiencies, substantial PROGRESS HAD NOT BEEN MADE in the investigations into the violent events in Odessa on 2 May 2014.