Дело Лукаш

The Council of the EU extend restrictive measures

The Council of the European Union decided to extend restrictive measures concerning me for one more year.

What can I say…

I have controversial feelings, a cocktail of vexation and sarcasm…

Smiling and feeling anger…

But still smiling, remembering events, which create a monstrous victorious history of diplomats and law

enforcers over a common sense. 

Sanctions against me are totally senseless.

It can be applied, if a person has a real estate abroad of  foreign bank accounts.

Me and my relatives do not have NEITHER THE FORMER, NO THE LATTER. 

Then why have sanctions been imposed two years ago and, moreover,

why were they extended for one more year?

At the beginning of March 2014, “a new European and democratic the General Prosecutor Office of

Ukraine” insistently asked the Council of the European Union to include me in a list of sanctions and

block my foreign assets. Europe heard them. A reason for sanctions was made up on the spot – “the

embezzlement of Ukrainian State funds and their illegal transfer outside Ukraine”.


Evidences were not necessary. Slandering was enough for concocting sanctions. 

I have been declined (in a written form) from a bank secrecy in the EU for proving the absence of any assets there, and naively believed that European bureaucrats will understand, gasp, and realize the they were “stitched up” by the General Prosecutor Office and some diplomats.

And maybe even apologize for their unreasonable decision.
They have standards, law, and all other features a praised democracy. 

It seems to me that it was my last naïve vision concerning the European Union.

It does not exist anymore. 

After two years of patient search of any foreign assets, the General Prosecutor Office finally realized its absence. 
The European Union realized it also.

But something unrealistic and irrational happened. 

Sanctions were not lifted, they were extended.
A very strange decision.

Moreover, the EU Ambassador, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Jan Tombinski (the frontman of the sanctions’ list promotion) is well informed about the absence of my assets and bank accounts abroad.

For two years I tenderly observed all vain attempts to justify the imposing of sanctions against me, as well as all efforts to justify its extension.

It looked like a ‘monkey business”, discrediting Tombinski, the General prosecutor Office, and the Council of the European Union. 

Should this “discovery” of senselessness and hopelessness of European sanctions become a reason of its lifting?
As we can see – NO.

Should decisions of the Luxemburg Court (bravo, Andrey Portnov) cool down the ardency of liars?

It seems also NO. 


We will meet at the General Court of the European Union in Luxemburg.

For those, who continue to chase me, I will remind: each mistake has a name and a last name.